CicLAvia: A Sherman Oaks Residents View

On April 15, 2012 at about 1:00 pm I got to experience downtown LA from a different perspective than ever before.  On 2 wheels, traveling at about 5 miles per hour, without the constant fear of vehicular interruption, and with about 100,000 of my closest friends.  CicLAvia

The most striking element of the event was the quietness and peacefulness we in the megalopolis of

Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks in particular ever get to experience.  A very close second was the sense of safety riding a bicycle on a public street.  Being a lifelong casual biker, I don’t often feel comfortable traveling the streets on 2 wheels, even on designated bike lanes or bike paths.  The constant threat of a car infringing on my space creating a dangerous situation is just too much to allow full enjoyment.  But this was not the case on Sunday. Continue reading

VNSO Park E-Waste Pick Up in Sherman Oaks

On April 20, 2012 in the VNSO Park neighborhood of Sherman Oaks Blair Thompson will be picking up from your home old Electronics.  Collected items will be given to a registered electronics waste recycler & reused, recycled or disposed of in the most efficient, environmentally sensitive manner. (did you know these items are not allowed to be put in your household trash?) Continue reading

Is it Buyers or Sellers Market in Sherman Oaks

There are many conflicting indicators in the Sherman Oaks housing market currently.

On balance it would seem that it is a sellers market.  But ask any seller if they feel that the value of their home indicates a sellers market and you will get a resounding “NO”!  This is largely due to the devastation on home values over the past few years.  A fair, “correct” answer to the question needs to give less importance to the current values than the average homeowner would like to see given. Continue reading