Blair Thompson represents buyers and sellers alike.  He enjoys counseling and guiding the first time buyer right up thru the buyer of million dollar estates.  There is a great satisfaction in helping people select their home, or find just the right deal for the investor buyer. The process of locating a house or property has gone thru a huge transition the past 10 years with the availability of property information on the internet.  It used to be that a large part of the buyers agent job was to locate and diseminate information, that is no longer very true.  That task has progressed to knowing where to find the most accurate information and how to interpret the information that is found.

The most important role of the buyers agent now seems to be that of knowing the local market and being able to facilitate and negotiate the home sale.  It is important to have an univolved party to help a buyer sift thru what is important and what is not.

Blair has represented buyers in all types of transactions including foreclosures, reo properties, short sales, probates, standard sales, retail leases, condos, Houses, large estates and just about any other kind of property you can find in the San Fernando Valley.

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