The City Of LA and The Law of Diminishing Returns

Parking In City of LAIt has finally happened, and the City of LA still does not get it!  The simple economic law of diminishing returns.  Our city, which has no idea what a limited budget means, thinks that they can continue to raise “fees” to cover their excesses.  Yet, as pointed out in this article, despite much more efficient collection techniques, the number of tickets written has dropped from 3.5 million in 2003 to the current 2.5 million in 2011. 

That’s The Ticket (LA Daily News Article May 19, 2012)

It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason.  Tickets in 2003 were much less expensive, my memory is that a typical street sweeping ticket was in the $30 range.  The current $68+ dollar ticket cuts deeply into the typical Angelenos pocket. 

The original purpose of parking tickets was to provide parking control for various purposes.  They were not intended to be a revenue source for the city.  This defacto tax has increasingly accomplished it’s original purpose.  Drivers (myself included) are much more careful not to violate parking restrictions due to the ever more costly penalties of breaking the law.  Thus, much less opportunity for parking officers to issue tickets! And presto chango, despite attempts by the city to increase ticket revenues, the actual amount collected will fall.

A clear thinking person would realize, raising fees, and increasing the number parking enforcement officers will not significantly increase revenues.  The deterrent factor will be increased and force drivers into more carefully following the rules.  And in the process create a more stressful living environment for the inhabitants of our fair city.  It is hard to comprehend more officers on the streets in my Sherman Oaks Neighborhood.  As the old saying goes, you already “can’t swing a stick without hitting at least one parking enforcement officer.”  This applies to the streets around my home, my business and all the local neighborhoods I fruquent.

In watching a 1968 episode of Dragnet (the Neighbor), Sgt. Gannon is complaining about receiving a parking ticket.  Sgt Friday tells Gannon to stop complaining and pay the $2 fine.  Figuring for inflation that $2 ticket should cost about $13.31, not the approximately $60 it is today.  What would Friday say about that $68 ticket today?


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