Home Schooling In Sherman Oaks – Part I

As the parent of an 11th grader and a 7th grader we have tried several different school options including homeschooling and online schooling at home.  In Sherman Oaks and the surrounding areas there are many great options for your kids.  Our son is currently in 11th grade at a virtual home charter school that is based in San Juan Capistrano that we administer in

There are basically 2 different ways to do the homeschool track in California.  You can either go completely independently and make the program yourself.  To do this and remain legal, the kids need to be in a registered “Private School”.  We used this method for a year and to do so we simply formed our own private school and followed the very easy state rules.   There are many websites dedicated to this route.  The freeform nature of this method did not wo our Sherman Oaks home.  Our daughter, is currently in the 7th grade at a traditional brick and mortar local Encino School.  She tried both the virtual home school as well as a version of the “unschool” philosophy.  Neither of those were optimal for her; although for high school either one is a viable option.

rk for us so we resorted to the virutal homeschool.  There are private schools offering this framework, but we opted to use the public charter school program offered by Connections Academy.

I know that there is another program called k-12, and many school districts have hybrid programs that are very interesting, Glendale, and Las Virgenes are two that I know of.  Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Unified School District does not offer any kind of home school program, making it difficult for somebody in the middle of the San Fernando Valley in Sherman Oaks or Studio City to use this type of program.

The state chart

er schools must adhere to the curriculumn of the state standards, therefore a kid who follows the plan should be able to jump right into a conventional school at any time. In particular, Capistrano Connections Academy, will issue a high school diploma that  works just like a conventional school.  A graduate is viewed just as any other high school graduate, unless it serves their purpose.  While the movement of homeschooling is realtively new, preliminary and annectdotale evidence shows that homeschooled kids transition easily into all types of secondary education, from tradeschools right thru to the mist strenuous colleges or universities.  I goes to figure that the independence and self motivation requred for most homeschools prepares them nicely to succeed in later life.

See Part II for more of my observations….


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