Standard Sales

Years ago the real estate business was made up of Standard Sales, no mess, no fuss, simply a seller that wants to sell and a buyer that wanted to buy a house.  This type of sale is not necessarily easier but it is more straight forward.   Blair Thompson uses a customized marketing plan for each house.  He looks at the particular strenghts and weakness of the house and caters to the strengths while addressing or minimizing the weaknesses.  What works for one home sale will not necessarily work for another.

Blair Thompson has a very strong understanding of physical marketing as well as getting the property properly positioned in the virtual world with syndication, social media, websites, mobil marketing, and all the other elements of the comprehensive system of getting your home noticed and sold.

Staging, preperations, negotiations, and closing the sale are all Blair’s strengths.  Blair works with a full team of service providers to make you sale easier, quicker and the optimal pricing possible.  Blair works in a very local manner insurring that your neighborhood gets the proper attention you demand and deserve.  Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Encino and the greater San Fernando Valley as well as many ares of Los Angeles are very familiar to Blair.

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