Foreclosure Listings

The reality of the market is that any Real Estate Agent must work with foreclosures in order to keep strong in this market.  This means that as a listing agent Blair has formed alliances with several banks and asset managers to assist in the process of a foreclosed house form the first indications of a defaulted home loan right thru to the final sale.

Blair has worked with banks performing BPO’s (Brokers Price Opinions), working thru the foreclosure process, managed evictions processes, handled “cash for keys” transactions, and right on thru the rehabilitation, marketing and sales phase of a foreclosure.  Blair works closely with the banks involved, the asset managers and the account executives to insure a successful close of escrow.

Blair is very detail oriented with great skill at completing the necessary documentation involved in foreclosed and REO homes.  His technical expertise on computers and strong knowledge of the physical aspects of house give him great strengths in this realm.

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