BOA – Which comes FIrst, The Chicken or the Egg?

Bank Of Americas is Anti AmericasBOA goes on massive Overseas Hiring Binge to replace “laid off US workers”.

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The US spent Billions bailing out the banks from a mess that they created with sub-prime mortgages, risky investment strategies, and overcompensated executives. So giving thanks for that bailout BOA fired most of the US call center, it cannot be to a lack of need considering the huge number of foreclosures (which are very labor intensive), the very lenghty and convoluted negotiations involved in short sales, and the extremely more difficult to obtain loans. Continue reading

Ted Talks Speaks to Everyone

What is TED talksIDEAS worth spreading!

My newest favorite site or source of entertainent/education/information.  Ted talks is a non-profit organization which endeavors to “bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less).”   I have found the talks to give me: Unexpected connections. Extraordinary insights. Powerful inspiration.                 

The speakers come from every walk of life: the famous movie director J.J. Abrams speaking about the subtle moments of movie making, Jil Bolte Taylor –  A Harvard Brain Researcher who had the ultimate research opportunity suffering a stroke herself, to the poignant John Hodgeman who brings together the existence of Aliens to falling in Love. Continue reading

The City Of LA and The Law of Diminishing Returns

Parking In City of LAIt has finally happened, and the City of LA still does not get it!  The simple economic law of diminishing returns.  Our city, which has no idea what a limited budget means, thinks that they can continue to raise “fees” to cover their excesses.  Yet, as pointed out in this article, despite much more efficient collection techniques, the number of tickets written has dropped from 3.5 million in 2003 to the current 2.5 million in 2011. 

That’s The Ticket (LA Daily News Article May 19, 2012)

It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason.  Tickets in 2003 were much less expensive, my memory is that a typical street sweeping ticket was in the $30 range.  The current $68+ dollar ticket cuts deeply into the typical Angelenos pocket.  Continue reading

Officer, There’s A Head in the Head

I sold a house in the Sherman Oaks Area the week before the New Year holiday to a buyer who was going to demolish the house. It was just down the street from my own home.  The house had been previously owned by a guy who was obsessed with “slasher” and “texas chainsaw” type movies.  So much so that he had made a few flicks himself at the house Continue reading

Memorial Weekend May 2012 VNSO Sherman Oaks Park Music

Sherman Oaks Music in the Park Memorial Day 2012Come visit the event to be at, to be seen at, to be heard at in Sherman Oaks this Memorial Day at the VNSO Park.  Music in the Park May 27, 2012 Sunday 4 pm – 6 pm.

At 14201 Huston Street, Sherman Oaks, 91423 (Just North of Riverside, West of Hazeltine)

Featuring Horace Heidt’s Big Band Foundation, Addmission is free.  This is a very speical tribute to American Legion Post 193 as well as all the others have served protecting America’s way of Life!  For more information call 818=995-6827.

Be sure to bring a blanket or lawnchair for this evening of great music, dancing, even a dance contest leading up to a cermony to honor our war veterans on the Memorial day 2012 at the VNSO Park.

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10752 Hortense Avenue Open Sunday

Toluca Lake Open House Sunday May 20, 2012 2-5pm

Great Toluca Townhouse for sale at 10752 Hortense call Blair 818-414-4144

Great Toluca Townhouse for sale at 10752 Hortense call Blair 818-414-4144

10752 #2 Hortense Avenue, Toluca Woods CA for Sale

2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom, 1,502 Sqft, Private Garage

Custom designed luxury townhome in famed Toluca Lake! Newer custom design feels like you stepped from the pages of Architectural Digest.  Continue reading

Obama to Visit Clooney Party at Studio City Home

Word has it that President is slated to visit the Studio City home of George Clooney on May 10, 2012 to attend a party.  This could have far reaching affects on Studio City and the surrounding areas of Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake and even Beverly Hills.  The largest impact possible is the complete closure of the twisty turny hilly Laurel Canyon Boulevard, the major artery thru the canyon between Hollywood Hills and Studio City.  Of course this will put extreme pressure on Coldwater Canyon and Beverly Glen which pass between Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks.  Other impacts will be a complete no fly zone over the area as well as shutting down the Fryman Canyon walking path as well as the parking lot at the bottom of that park which may be used for one of the security staging areas.  It is sure that secret service will be crawling all over the very tony Fryman Canyon Area as well as all the surronding areas.  Judging from past visits from the President this could have impacts on nearby 101 freeway as well as the storied Mulholland Drive which has scenic overviews of both the San Fernando Valley as well as the “West Side”.

Short Sale Tax Relief In Sherman Oaks & Studio City

Many homeowners who are in distress with underwater mortgages are taking the path of the short sale process to get out from under their mortgage.

In the sales process the real estate agent, the negotiator and the owners lender come together to facilitate the sale of the house to a new buyer.  All is well and good with the house being sold, the new buyer living in the house and most important of all the seller moving on with their life after this tramatic experience.

But low and behold the seller gets an envelope in the mail with another frightening IRS form 1099, Miscellaneous Income Form.  Continue reading

Short Sales and Loan Modifications In Sherman Oaks

There are many homes that are “underwater” in the local Sherman Oaks, Studio city home market.  Underwater meaning that the owner of the house owes more than the house is currently worth for sale with a Real Estate Agent.  Essentially, there are 3 different solutions for this situation. Continue reading

St Francis Festival 2012 “Its Outta This World” in Sherman Oaks

May 4, May 5 & May 6, 2012


The annual Festival weekend at Sherman Oaks own St. Francis De Sales is just around the corner. 

Come for “The Biggest Little Fair in the Valley”.  Enjoy a Great Family atomosphere with Carnival rides and Games, Fireworks, an exciting Live Auction as well as the always enticing Silent Auction.  Great Food, Great Games and Live Entertainment.   Local food vendors make the culinary appeal unique.  All proceeds are used to cover education programs at the St. Francis De Sales k-8 school.  Admission is free as well as free Parking.  This is a local Sherman Oaks tradition drawing community members from all around. 


The theme for this years festival is “It’s Outta This World”