Blair Has Lived in the Community for 26+ years, during this time he has been an active participant to improve the lives of all who live near him.  He believes in his community and is dedicated to do his part to make it a better place. He holds these ideal high in his activities in his Real Estate Career. 

 -SOHA, Chairman-Sunkist Building Expansion

         Blair worked for 4 years to improve and right size the development of the former Sunkist Building.  During this time Blair considered the needs and best interests of the surrounding neighborhood and greater community.  The final design was 25% smaller with a much more community friendly design.  

 -Sherman Oaks Elementary Parents Association, President of the Board

       Blair worked for many years to improve the elementary school his kids attended.  He spent 2 years as the President of the Board.  The school and the parents association was regarded as one of the premiere schools in the valley.

  -North Hollywood Center for Spiritual Living, President Board of Directors

       Blair was President of the Board during the Covid Pandemic.  He and the leaders were able to completely convert operations to 100% online during the pandemic.  Under his leadership the Center remains a vibrant and secure institution.  During this time the center was able to continue their support of the community thru assisting the homes, animal charities, International concerns and many other charitable causes.