Is it time to Sell your house?

This is a very complicated question.  Manty agents try to generically answer this based purely on the status of the market (that answer most often will come to a yes).  But there are many other factors to consider when posed with this question.  Many angles need to be considered including:

  1. Specific Neighborhood activity; Sales. construction, positive or negative factors
  2. Market conditions now and in the future; interest rates, political factors, other sales, the economy
  3. Family influences; kids, parents, friends, relations, moving in and out, Elder care, empty nest, Divorce, Marriage, Estate
  4. Housing Factors; Replacement housing, Alternatives
  5. Tax Factors; Capitol Gains, Home Mortgage Deductions, Writeoffs
  6. Personal Preference;  Time for a change, desire for Bigger/Smaller house, Pool, other features

This is a very partial list of issues that need to be considered so a one size fits all answer is dissengenuios.  Over the past 30+ years I have helped my clients thru most of these issues.  I have knowledge and access to information and resources to make these decisions easier.

Give me a call and we can discuss your situation.