VNSO Park gets Adult Fitness Equipment

Van Nuys Sherman Oaks War Memorial Park has received a huge addition to its fitness offerings. 

Over the past 6 months Adult Fitness Equiptment has been installed at the North East Section of the park, across the ball field from the Gym and Pool Complex.  The best parking is off Hazeltine Avenue.  This equiptment is part of a movement to improve the physical fitness of adults and make 40+ parks throughout the city more usable for Adults.  Some of the equipment is manufactured by GameTime Company.

The city has found this fitness equiptment to be very economical costing approximately $75,000 for the 14 pieces of equiptment currently in place.  Funding came from a private donation as well as from the newly reassigned councilman Tom Labonge as well as from the L.A. Parks Foundation.  Councilman Labonge has always been a strong proponent of the city parks.  Personally I use the equiptment several days a week and always find it to be highly utilized. 

The Parks Department hopes to increase the offerings for adults at the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park most efficiently utilizing the 70 Acres of land set out in the Heart of Sherman Oaks. This gives people many people the opportunity to workout in the outdoors, and free of charge.

 The park already features a walking path with either a short track or an extended track around the exterior of the park as well as a large pool, gym and the newly constructed senior complex at the NorthWest end of the park of Van Nuys. I believe this is one of the most completely used public assets in the city.  There are always people playing sports, walking exercising, swimming and many other activities available here in Sherman oaks. In the past year the park has seen the installation of a universally accessible playground by Shane’s Inspiration which is designed to give children of all physical abilities the chance to play together. 

When looking for a great park to visit, keep in mind the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park VNSO and stop by in Sherman Oaks.

VNSO Park in Sherman Oaks Gametime Equipment

Blair Thompson lives in the neighborhood and is a Real Estate Broker with Wish Sotheby’s International Realty located in Sherman Oaks.   


Sherman Oaks Christmas Tree Lots 2012

With the construction at the corner of Moorpark and Hazeltine the business of selling trees has changed in Sherman Oaks.  By necessity there are a few new locations.  Please feel free to email me any locations I have left out and I will be glad to add them:

In Sherman Oaks

  • At Sherman Oaks Little League, Between Van Nuys Blvd and Hazeltine on Magnolia, Sherman Oaks
  • Tinas Trees, on Sepulveda just south of the 101 freeway, Sherman Oaks

Near Sherman Oaks

  • Santa and Sons, 12901 Burbank Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, Santa and Sons By Valley College
  • Tapia Brothers5251 Hayvenhurst Avenue  Encino, CA 91436 (818) 905-6155

Blair Thompson is a Real Estate Agent with Wish Sothebys International Realty in Sherman Oaks.


Short Sale Tax Relief In Sherman Oaks & Studio City

Many homeowners who are in distress with underwater mortgages are taking the path of the short sale process to get out from under their mortgage.

In the sales process the real estate agent, the negotiator and the owners lender come together to facilitate the sale of the house to a new buyer.  All is well and good with the house being sold, the new buyer living in the house and most important of all the seller moving on with their life after this tramatic experience.

But low and behold the seller gets an envelope in the mail with another frightening IRS form 1099, Miscellaneous Income Form.  Continue reading

Short Sales and Loan Modifications In Sherman Oaks

There are many homes that are “underwater” in the local Sherman Oaks, Studio city home market.  Underwater meaning that the owner of the house owes more than the house is currently worth for sale with a Real Estate Agent.  Essentially, there are 3 different solutions for this situation. Continue reading

BOA Pilot Program May come to Sherman Oaks

These are some of my favorite video bloggers that have a daily blog covering mortgage and real estate related content.  They can be very wacky but they take some pretty dry content and make it interesting.  This particular post talks about a pilot program that Bank of America (BOA) started a while ago.  It has gone so well that I hear from several different reliable sources that they are going to expand it into a full blown program and particularly here in the Southland.  And the rumor is that many other lending institutions will follow suit. Watch the video then read my thoughts below! (you can jump to about 40 seconds in for the meat of the video)

[viddler id=a1ac6e29 w=300 h=168]

The only change I have heard to their description is that BOA plans to hold on to the properties rather than selling them in bulk.  This would make it so that they get their treasury dollars based on todays deflated value, and then would sell it to the then renters in   3 years for a higher price when the market has stabilized.   Continue reading